Beginner’s Tips: What you should look out for before hiring a lawyer

There are many assumptions and myths out there about Lawyers, for instance, people consider lawyers to be very expensive and also to be liars. However, there are times we have to seek a lawyer to help us in dealing with particular matters. This blog will give you a few tips that you should look out for before hiring a lawyer;

  1. Find out the credibility of the lawyer

The first thing that you should do is to carry out your research and first confirm that the person representing you is actually an advocate of the high court of Kenya. This can be done by conducting a search in the Law Society of Kenya portal. In addition, if it’s a litigation matter (a matter that requires going to court) ensure that the advocate representing you has a current practicing certificate.

  1. Discuss the Legal fees from the beginning

To avoid any sought of misunderstandings, it is always wise to have an agreement with your lawyer on how much fees he will be charging you. Have this figured out from the start to avoid feeling as though you are being overcharged or the lawyer is lying to you and ensure that you put your agreement in writing.

  1. Get a Legal Opinion First

It is wise to always ask for a legal opinion from your lawyer first before proceeding with your case. This means you should get your lawyer to give you the real position of your case and the probability of success in accordance with the law. Again, you do not want to go ahead with a case that you know you will fail at the end because you will be using money to handle it.

  1. All that Glitters is not gold

People have these assumptions that in order for your case to be handled properly you must deal with big law firms. However, the problem is that most of these law firms handle matters for big companies like Safaricom and will not give as much attention to your case as much as medium or smaller firms could. I do not mean to blast big law firms, my point is, you should also consider other firms because even though they may lack the kind of experience big law firms have they will give your case the attention and diligence it requires because most of them are building their clientele.

  1. Ensure you are up to date with your case

Most clients make the mistake of forgetting that the case is theirs and not that of the advocate. Remember it is your case so ensure that your advocate updates you for all the mention, hearing dates or rulings. Always remember you have paid the advocate to prosecute your case for you and it is not the other way round. It is therefore important for you to know how your case is going especially since the advocate may be busy with other cases, plus it is your right to be informed about your case under the law.

  1. Remember you have the power when it comes to your case

It is important to remember this to ensure that you are on top of things when you are handling your case. This means you are the one who should be deciding what you want, it’s the advocate’s duty to give you his/her legal opinion then you make the final decisions. This means that you have the power to fire your advocate if you feel that he is not meeting your expectation.

  1. Avoid Non-Written Agreement

When making any deal with an advocate, ensure that you put it in writing where both of you sign, this is especially to do with things like fees or any important decisions. It is always hard to prove that you made an agreement with your advocate if you did not put it in writing. So to secure your interests and just to be safe and avoid any inconveniences and surprises, put everything in writing, and have both your signature and that of the advocate affixed to that agreement.

  1. ‘Not all Advocates are evil’

I know this seems like a weird point but it is true, I am an advocate myself and they are many people who have made the mistake of assuming all advocates are evil and therefore they opt to go to non-advocates to have fixed their legal problems. The good thing about dealing with an advocate is that when the deal goes sour you can report the advocate to the Disciplinary Committee and the lawyer will reimburse your money or if it is something worst the lawyers practicing license will be withdrawn. It is therefore safe to work with an advocate when it comes to legal matters because it means that you have leverage. Advocates also have professional indemnity where God Forbid the advocate dies you will still be covered. I think you now get the point of why dealing with an advocate is always a safer bet.

I have also shared a video on the same on my youtube Channel if you are interested you can check it out here

Kindly Note: The content of this blog post is intended to be of general use only and should not be relied upon without seeking specific legal advice on any matter.

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