Criminal Law Services

At Ruth Tanui Advocates, we recognize the gravity of criminal charges and the impact they can have on your life. Our dedicated team of criminal defense attorneys is committed to providing vigorous representation and safeguarding your rights throughout the legal process.

Areas of Criminal Defense:

Defense Strategy: We meticulously assess each case to craft a tailored defense strategy, ensuring every legal avenue is explored to protect your innocence or mitigate potential consequences.

Representation in Court: Our experienced litigators provide strong courtroom representation, advocating for your rights and interests during hearings, trials, and plea negotiations.

Legal Guidance: We offer clear and comprehensive legal counsel at every stage, keeping you informed and empowered with the knowledge needed to make crucial decisions.

Types of Cases We Handle:

Assault and Battery, Drug Offenses White-Collar Crimes, Theft and Burglary, Domestic Violence, DUI/DWI Charges, Homicide and Violent Crimes, Juvenile Offenses.

Our Approach:

Client-Centered Advocacy: Your well-being and defense are our top priorities. We maintain open communication, ensuring you are actively involved in your defense strategy.

Presumption of Innocence: Upholding the principle of innocence until proven guilty, we strive to secure the best possible outcome, whether through negotiation or litigation.

Protection of Rights: We safeguard your constitutional rights, ensuring due process and fair treatment throughout the legal proceedings.

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